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With the slides and additional notes from the Boston Festival of Indie Games talk I gave in 2018, learn about the benefits of hiring an audio professional and how to get high quality sound on a budget. 

Are you looking for new ways to put your music production skills to use? Have you ever thought about the soundtracks you hear in video games and wonder about how they were made? I gave a talk at Mmmmaven in Boston about exactly this! Watch the full talk and download the slides here.

Implementation Ideas - FMod Demo

Know the basics of FMod, but wondering how to apply it to an actual project? In this demo, I'll go through one of my previous projects - an interactive piece of music for a level from a game -  and explain how and why I chose to implement it the way that I did using FMod. This is just one example of how we can implement an interactive score in FMod, and is meant to help give you ideas for your next project!

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