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Music Examples


A video showing one of my pieces of interactive music, and how it was implemented using FMOD.

Check out the full tutorial here!


(Electronic / Orchestral Hybrid)



Small Ensemble

Recent Projects


Composer. Two genres collide in this puzzle-game shoot-em-up mashup! Build massive chains to unleash bullet hell! Play with a friend or battle 9 AI opponents. Expected release: 2018

Monkey Garbage Truck

Arranger/Performer. Monkey Garbage Truck is a multi-lingual early literacy game for ages 3-and-up. 


Composer and Sound Designer. DinoTrucks is an exploratory iPad app for children ages 3 to 10. 

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Other Examples

Metro: Last Light - Audio Replacement

Complete audio replacement of the trailer for Metro: Last Light. Composer and Sound Designer.

Presto - Audio Replacement

Complete audio replacement of the short animation Presto. Composer and Sound Designer.

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