Getting the Most Out of Your Music Skills!

Something I’ve been working on being better at recently is self-reflection. It’s hard to move forward and improve if you aren’t able to correctly identify where you are at the moment, and while this skill is useful for life in general, it can also be an important tool for us as composers and sound designers. Besides from using this to help you set goals for yourself in the future, it can also be useful for identifying what your specialty or your particular niche is for those of us just starting out.

I created this worksheet for my own use, when reflecting on the skills that I currently have and trying to figure out the best way for me to improve. In addition, this is also a great chance to think about what other things you can do with the skills you have! It’s tough to find work in this industry, so the more services you can offer people, the more useful and employable you become! You can download the worksheet by clicking here – the file name is “skills_worksheet.pdf”.

Let me know if this has helped you by posting in the comments below! It’d also be great to hear about how you decide which goals to set and how you approach doing self-reflection!

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