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Tokyo - Omotesando

Hi everyone!

So, it's been a looooooooong, looooooong time since I last posted a track... Let's just say these last few months have been a bit chaotic. But! The good news! I've finished a new piece! This time, I decided to write about Omotesando.

Omotesando is one of my favorite parts of Tokyo - it might be my favorite, actually. And yes, before you say anything, I know that Cat Street is in Omotesando, but in Rachel Land, they are completely, totally different. Just like Omotesando is also totally different from Harajuku, which is also totally different from Shibuya, even though they're all within walking distance of each other, and even though they're technically all in Shibuya ward. Just hang with me for a moment.

All three are known for being super trendy and high fashion. But I would argue that each represents a different facet of fashion and appeals to a different audience, which is reflected in the brands, architecture, and general atmosphere of each area. Shibuya, for example, is loud, youthful, in your face - the latest hits blare through the streets while advertisements flash on the screens of every one of the tall, flashy buildings. Harajuku, while also very youthful, is a bit more quirky. When I think of Harajuku, I think of all of the unique subcultures that make it up, of bubbly pinks and sparkles and crepes. Shibuya is cool and more mainstream, while Harajuku is more zany and unique.

Omotesando, on the other hand, always struck me as being more mature. Yes, it's still trendy and cool, but it doesn't feel like it's trying as hard - it's like that one popular kid at school that's just naturally cool, just by being. Instead of flashing lights, Omotesando is made up of metallic, angular buildings, reflective and modern. Whenever I think of Omotesando, I think of cloudy days walking down the main boulevard, the grey of the clouds reflected in the glass and mirrors of the buildings. Shibuya makes me tired, but Omotesando feels much more calm to me, especially once you hit some of the back streets. Actually, the side streets are what I love so much about Omotesando - once you move away from the main street, you start seeing some of the same quirkiness that makes Cat Street so loveable. The streets of Omotesando are filled with trendy little boutiques, cute cafes and art galleries, and a lot of the buildings are really visually interesting. that. Just the buildings themselves are cool enough to make me want to write music about them. It just feels like everything there has a story. I think that's why I love Omotesando as much as I do - even just walking around here is enough to make me inspired.

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